About Mothers Day

Mother's Day Around the World

Learn how other cultures celebrate their moms

Mother's Day is celebrated in more than 45 different countries around the world, but no matter how far you travel, you'll find similarities everywhere. The standard gifts of flowers, homemade cards and breakfast in bed are popular worldwide, but some countries add their own unique spin to Mother's Day to reflect their individual cultures:

  • Yugoslavia - Children tie up their mothers and refuse to release them until they are given gifts of candy.
  • Mexico - Grown children return to their mother's home the night before Mother's Day to start the celebration.
  • Ethiopia - Mothers are celebrated during a two- or three-day festival at the end of the rainy season.
  • Thailand - Mother's Day is held on the Queen's birthday.
  • France - Families present their mothers with cakes shaped like a bouquet of flowers.
  • Spain - Mother's Day is held on the same day as the church's celebration of the Immaculate Conception.
  • India - Mother's day is celebrated with a 10-day festival called Durga Puja that starts in early October. The festival honors the Indian goddess Durga, the Divine Mother.
  • Britain - On the fourth Sunday of Lent, the British celebrate Mothering Sunday. The tradition stems from the days when the working poor were live-in servants at the homes of the wealthy. On the fourth Sunday of Lent, the workers were encouraged to return home to spend the day with their moms.
  • Australia - Instead of white carnations, Australians give their mothers more readily available white chrysanthemums.

Make your own Mother's Day traditions! Start a Mother's Day journal and each year, record some of your favorite memories about you and Mom. Add in photos and write the best piece of advice Mom gave you all year. This is a great gift for sentimental moms.

Why not start a Mother's Day Tree? Make a tree with bare branches out of heavy paper. Each year, take a picture of Mom with her kids and add it to the tree. If there's a year when someone can't make it to the celebration, have him or her take a photo ahead of time and send it to Mom to add to the tree. Watch as you all grow and change each year.

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