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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Smart shopping advice for young kids and Mom's man

Dads have it tough on Mother's Day. Until the kids are old enough to earn their own money or shop for themselves, he's stuck doing double gift duty. We feel for you, fellas! That's why we've come up with Mother's Day gift ideas that are perfect for young children and a few more gift ideas to help Mom's main squeeze with his shopping. We've even taken the liberty of pointing out some gifts you'll definitely want to avoid giving Mom at all costs.

Shopping with small children

If you've been recruited to go Mother's Day gift shopping with the kids, it helps to have a plan of attack. We've assembled some tips to make shopping with the tots stress-free:

1. Don't shop when they're tired - Take your little ones shopping after they've had a nap and a snack. The last thing you want is a cranky, overtired shopping partner with a strong set of lungs!

2. Keep your trips short - It's one of the laws of nature, like gravity: the longer you're in a store with a young child, the greater your chance of a temper tantrum. Before you hit the shops, know roughly what you want to get for Mom and where you'll find it.

3. Avoid primetime - Just like the highways are busiest at certain times of the day, so are malls. The day before Mother's Day is sure to be a zoo, so stay away from peak hours to avoid getting jostled and frustrated. Try to shop in the evenings not long before the stores close or in the mornings just after the stores open.

4. Know when to fold 'em - If your kids decide that the middle of the mall is the best time and place to throw a tantrum, call it a day. Don't try to take a squalling three-year-old into any more stores unless you enjoy stares from other shoppers.

Don't expect the little ones to come up with Mother's Day gift ideas on their own. Choose a few options first, then let them pick which one they think Mom will like best.

A thoughtful Mother's Day gift will mean a lot to the mom in your life. Listen for any clues she's dropping or check out our gift pages for unique Mother's Day gift ideas. She'll appreciate the effort you put into finding something that you know she'll love.

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