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Gifts for the Foodie

Gourmet gifts for your mom

The perfect Mother's Day gift for a foodie has got to be gourmet. Whether she's using the hottest kitchen gadgets or whipping up an elaborate feast, the foodie mom is always nose-deep in the latest recipes. Gourmet Mother's Day gifts are fairly easy to find - check if your mall has a specific kitchen supply store. Encourage her love of the culinary arts with the ideas below:

Gifts up to $20

  • Gadgets - Kitchen supply stores offer all kinds of interesting gadgets at reasonable prices. Silicone products that are heat-resistant even in extreme temperatures are very popular in the modern kitchen. From bakeware to food ties, these products help keep foods from sticking. Check your local gadget store for other interesting devices and be sure to offer to help out in the kitchen the first time Mom uses them.
  • Cookbooks – A cookbook makes a great Mother's Day gift, but don't just grab any old book off the shelf, put some thought into it. Find a regional cookbook from the last place Mom vacationed. If she's into certain ethnic cuisines, find books that walk beginners through classic dishes. Think about her favorite restaurant and find a book with recipes for the dishes she orders most often. Don't forget, some bookworm moms love poring over cookbooks too!
  • Spices - Give Mom a collection of uncommon spices. Every Foodie has cinnamon, sage and thyme, so get her something out of the ordinary like masala, kaffir lime, tamarind and cardamom. Write out explanations of what each spice can be used for.

Gifts up to $50

  • Whipped cream maker - For the mom who loves decadent desserts, a handheld whipped cream maker is a great kitchen gift. These devices use fresh cream and compressed carbon dioxide to produce fresh whipped cream at the touch of a button. Your mom can even flavor the topping with cocoa, vanilla or her favorite liqueur.
  • Fondue set - Remind your mom of swinging 70s fondue parties with her own fondue set. Tasty chocolate, cheese or broth fondues are great for hosting intimate dinner parties.

Gifts up to $100

  • Wine chiller - Tabletop wine chillers are the perfect gift for moms who like to pair fine foods with fine wines. These handy devices can cool a bottle of wine to the ideal temperature in a matter of minutes. A tabletop chiller is a great gift for wine connoisseur moms too!
  • Wok - A good quality wok, whether electric or stovetop is an essential for any kitchen. This gift for mom encourages her to experiment with different kinds of Asian cuisine.
  • Chocolate fountain - Chocolate fountains are showing up at weddings and dinner parties everywhere! Moms who love cooking with chocolate will have a great time dipping fruit, marshmallows and even pretzels into the warm, melted goodness.

Gifts up to $200

  • Espresso maker - Top off a perfect meal with the perfect cup of espresso. Many specialty coffee makers brew lattes and cappuccinos as well as espressos. Toss in a bag of high-quality beans so she can start brewing right away.
  • Food processor - Food processors are great gifts for moms who cook for a crowd. A good quality food processor can do everything from chopping hard nuts and cheeses to mixing dough. A new model to replace the one she's had since college makes a thoughtful gift.

There are lots of options out there for foodie moms - just be sure to offer her a hand when she uses your gourmet gift. Remember, Mother's Day is about spending quality time together and giving Mom a break. She'll appreciate some kitchen bonding time.

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