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Tips and tricks for Mom as Mother's Day approaches

It's hard work raising a family, and often it's moms who take on the brunt of the work. On Mother's Day, you deserve to be thanked for everything you do for your family. But being a mom on Mother's Day presents its own set of issues - How do you look pleased when you get another set of oven mitts from your kids? How do you politely ask for gifts you really want? Is there any way to get everyone to clear out so you can enjoy some blissful alone time? How are you going to cope with this holiday if you've recently lost your own mom? Your Mother's Day is supposed to be a stress-free situation, so we're here to help.

Getting over the guilt

Some of us have difficulty relaxing and letting the kids handle things - if you've ever had to clean up after your own breakfast in bed, you know what we're talking about. Other moms just feel bad watching their family working so hard without pitching in. On Mother's Day, do your best to let your family run the show and graciously accept the gifts they give you. Remember, it's the one day of the year where you're supposed to relax! Kick back and put your feet up - your kids will be happy to see that you're happy.

Mother's Day resolutions

Most of us save our life-changing resolutions for New Year's, but this Mother's Day, why not make plans to change your life for the better? A lot of moms suffer from mothering burnout, devoting too much time to their kids and family and not enough to taking care of themselves.

This Mother's Day, we propose that moms everywhere take a pact to make time for themselves. Take up offers from your relatives to watch the kids. Children aren't the only ones who can enjoy sports and summer camps, so sign up for art lessons or join a volleyball league to give yourself at least one night of me-time a week. Divvy up the housework and don't be afraid to ask for help. You'll be happier and will enjoy being a mother more if you don't feel burdened by your family's demands. Take time to meet with your friends and share your mutual frustrations and triumphs. You'll feel recharged and ready to tackle the next task if you do.

Moms everywhere, remember what today is all about - you! Let yourself be pampered and enjoy your gifts, you deserve it.

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