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How to Get Peace and Quiet on Mother's Day

Get the rest and relaxation you deserve!

The theory is that Mother's Day is supposed to be all about pampering Mom and giving her a relaxing, restful day. How often that really happens is anyone's guess. We know you love your kids and they know it too, so wanting a little quiet time all on your own doesn't make you a bad mother. In fact, it's an easy gift for your kids to give! We're here to help you navigate your way to a relaxing Mother's Day.

Presents for everyone!

For this scenario to work you'll need some assistance whether it's from a husband, boyfriend, grandpa or hired help. On Mother's Day, after you've opened your gifts, tell the kids you've got a treat for them too. Explain how thankful you are for all the hard work they've done around the house or that they're doing so well in school or that they're just all-round good kids, and that you think they deserve a gift too. Hand over passes to an amusement park, go-karts, paintball or any other rowdy, out-of-the-house activity.

While dad, grandpa or the sitter takes the kids for a fun-filled day of running and yelling, you'll have the house to yourself to do whatever you like. Relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet will leave you more rejuvenated for when they return. You could even get together with other mothers in your family and take turns taking all the kids out each year.

Family project day

When your kids ask what you'd like for Mother's Day, hand them the list of household chores you usually take care of. While everyone's buzzing around the house cleaning and completing repair work, lock yourself in the bathroom with a hot bubble bath and some soothing music to soak away your stress.

Strength in numbers

Plan a big family get-together at your house and then turn the party over to the men-folk. While they handle the grilling and games, you and the rest of the mothers can head to the spa or hide out in the living room. Let the kids and men feel like they're properly pampering you by thanking them for everything at the end of the day - after they've done the dishes.

Remember, Mother's Day is about spending quality time with your family, so once you've had your restful break, welcome your kids back with open arms and tell them how much you missed seeing them all day. If you play it right, your kids won't feel like you're avoiding them and will appreciate spending the rest of the day with you.

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