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Remembering Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

Ways to honor the important women in your past

For many, Mother's Day can be a bittersweet day. If you've lost your mother or an important mother-figure in your life, you may find it hard to pass the day without feeling a little sad. You can soothe the pain of missing a special someone on Mother's Day by honoring her memory in a personal way. Spending time with your family can help you during this difficult time Here are a few more fitting tributes that can help you through the day:

Light a candle

You don't have to be religious to light a candle in remembrance of someone - it can simply be a positive way for you and your family to remember your loved one and celebrate her life. The burning flame of the candle signifies that the light of the person who has passed away lives on the hearts of those who love and remember her. The small act of lighting the candle can help you feel as if you've done something significant to honor her.

Put pen to paper

Putting your feelings on paper can go a long way to helping you deal with your sadness over missing your loved one. Whether you write her a long, detailed letter and keep it in your sock drawer or pen a sentimental poem to share with your close friends and relatives, the act of putting your feelings on paper will help you articulate your thoughts - and hopefully let go of some of the sadness.


When someone close to us passes away we often avoid doing the things we once enjoyed doing with them. But instead of shying away from these activities, embrace the traditions you had with your mother and take pleasure in their familiarity. If you loved to spend time walking with your mom, go for a long hike in a favorite spot and spend some time thinking about the good times you enjoyed together. If your Mother's Day tradition was always giving her a gift of her favorite flowers, go out and buy a bouquet for your kitchen table or living room and enjoy their beauty. Participating in your traditions and allowing yourself to keep her positive memories in your life will help you enjoy the day.

If you need some time on your own to reflect, there's no shame in asking your significant other to take the kids for awhile to give you some time to think.

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