Things To Do

Things to Do On Mother's Day

Ways to treat Mom like a queen all day long

All year long, Mom is kept busy taking care of her family and doing her best to make sure everyone stays on the right path. She deserves at least one day of that year to see just how much you appreciate everything she does. Giving her a thoughtful gift is a great start, but don't stop there! Spend the day doing things that mom likes best. There are lots of things you can do as a family on Mother's Day. Whether you're making a delicious breakfast in bed or pampering her with a home spa, be sure to make her feel like a queen.

Sometimes all Mom really needs is the gift of quiet time, so get out of the house for a few hours or send her off for a massage. If the special someone in your life is a mom, do something romantic to remind her that she's more than just a mother. And if worse comes to worst, we've got tips to help you out of the dog house if you forgot Mother's Day!

Things not to do on Mother's Day

It's easy to confuse the things we like to do and the things Mom likes to do, because most moms put their family's needs and interests first. And it's true - some moms really love monster truck rallies and watching the poker tour on TV. If that's your plan for the day, make sure it's definitely something mom likes to do, not something she does because she likes you. While you're hanging out, do little things that make a difference like getting Mom something to drink or having a snapshot taken of the two of you. She'll notice the small gestures as much as the big ones, and will appreciate them all as much as any gift you give her.

Mom's probably into different things than you are, but since Mother's Day only comes once a year, do your best to show some interest in the things she enjoys. Take her horseback riding, if that's what she likes - you'll probably have fun learning how to handle a horse. Or, if she's an artistic soul, go to an art gallery and have her explain some of the paintings to you. For the outdoorsy mom, go for a nature hike and see who can identify the most trees or plants.

Moms love spending time with their kids, so make her day even more special by doing things that she likes to do.

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