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How to Create a Spa at Home for Mom

Set up a stress-free oasis

Busy moms can't always make it to the spa as often as they'd like - or maybe the mom in your life has never been to a spa at all! Either way, creating a restful, luxurious spa at home to pamper Mom for Mother's Day is a fabulous and thoughtful gift she'll absolutely love. Leave her feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with these at-home ideas for a spa getaway:

What's in a spa?

To prepare a wonderful Mother's Day home spa you'll need a few basic pampering items. Even if you use something she already has at home, preparing it for her is what counts! Here's what you need:

  • A thick terry cloth bath sheet and robe - Perfect for cuddling into after a bath. If you can't secure a cozy robe, try for super-soft pajamas.
  • A bathtub pillow - You can find inflatable terry cloth pillows at most bed and bath stores. A rolled up towel will do fine in a pinch.
  • Candles - Choose candles or an essential oil diffuser with relaxing aromatherapy scents and place them beside the bathtub or around the room.
  • Bubble bath or bath salts - Run the bath with her favorite aromatherapy bath product a few minutes before she's due to dip in.
  • Body scrub and moisturizer - Whether she uses a body wash with an exfoliating or prefers a sugar or nut scrub, be sure to supply a good exfoliant and a rich, creamy moisturizer for after-bath use.
  • Privacy - Above all, spas are quiet and free of disturbances. Be sure to check out Give Mom Some Quiet Time for a few tips on securing her solitude.

How to set the mood for Mom

Make sure you set the perfect mood for Mom's home spa experience! A big part of stress reduction has to do with indulging the five senses - touch, scent, sound, sight and taste. Try some of these spa-worthy tips to indulge every one of her senses this Mother's Day.

Touch Prepare a very warm bath with her favorite bath oils and bubbles. If you don't have a tub with jets, consider purchasing a stimulating portable home spa. Be sure to provide a luxurious terry cloth towel and robe for her to wrap up in after her long soak in the tub. For extra pampering, warm the towel and robe in the dryer just before she gets out!

Scent Create an atmosphere of relaxation with aromatherapy! Calming essential oils like lavender, lemon grass, jasmine, chamomile, vanilla, sandalwood, ylang ylang and freesia can ease away worries and help Mom unwind. Use these soothing scents in candles, essential oil diffusers, bath salts, soaps and body creams.

Sound Set the mood with her favorite music. Turn on some soft jazz, classical or country - whatever Mom loves to listen to when she unwinds. If you're not sure what she'd like to hear, ask her! Consider queuing up some of nature's most soothing sounds like waterfalls, babbling brooks, light rainfall or the sound of bird-song.

Make her space more welcoming! Dim the lights and set the mood for relaxation with candlelight - arrange her favorite flowers in several rooms in the house and help her relax by cleaning up. This means making sure the bathroom (and the rest of the house) is free of laundry, cluttered countertops and general mess. She'll love you for it!

A fabulous home spa will serve Mom delectable refreshments while she's being pampered. Tempt her taste buds with delicious morsels like her favorite cheeses, canapés and desserts. Prepare fresh fruits like pineapple, mango and kiwi and consider serving strawberries dipped in fine dark chocolate. Assemble her favorites on a pretty platter and serve them to her while she's soaking. Consider offering a glass of her favorite wine, champagne or freshly squeezed fruit juice.

After bath

After Mom surfaces from her heavenly spa treatment, be sure to give her the time she needs. Prepare her bedroom with more candles, scented body lotion, her favorite book or magazine and leave her to spend some time alone. She'll thank you for her Mother's Day pampering and will look forward to a repeat next year!

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